Fightings within Volyn Fortification

The Volhyn Fortification covers the Citadel from the south. At the beginning of the war two military hospitals, medical units and regimental school of the 84th Rifle Regiment were stationed within the island.

 The plan of the buildings of the Brest military hospitals on June 22, 1941. Drawn by N.I. Zubovich on March 20, 1991. Nikolay Zubovich (1916–2003) took part in fightings at Volyn Fortification.The explication to the plan of the buildings of the Brest military hospitals on June 22, 1941.

 On June 22, 1941, the Volhyn Fortification became the target of the Wehrmacht artillery fire.

Boris Maslov (1904–1952).In the first minutes of the war the head of the Brest District Military Hospital, Medical Officer of the Second Grade B.A. Maslov, deputy head of the hospital the Battalion Commissar N.S.Bogateyev organized the evacuation of the patients and wounded from the hospital buildings to the gunpowder depots and casemates in the curtain wall. N.S. Bogateyev was killed in the hand-to-hand combat with enemy soldiers.

Covering up the evacuation of the patients and wounded, the head of the hospital of the 28th Rifle Corps, Medical OffiVera Horetskaya (1922–1941).cer of the Second Grade S.S. Babkin was deadly wounded.

The border guard units and trainees of the regimental school of the 84th Rifle Regiment headed by Lieutenant M.E. Piskarev were fighting the outnumbering enemy. Their resistance was quite strong, and at midday of June 22, the enemy was forced to employ fresh forces, yet to no effect. The commander of Wehrmacht 45th Infantry Division, Major-General F. Schlieper stated in his report, «New forces reappeared after a short time, where the Russians had been driven or smoked out. They emerged from cellars, buildings, pipes and other hiding places, shooting accurately, so that our losses rose even higher».

On June 23, after an artillery bombardment the Nazis launched another offensive, resorting to a «live shield» of captured Red Army wounded and medical personnel. The offensive was repelled by a counterattack, killing many enemy soldiers.

Stepan Babkin (1898–1941).On June 24, inspecting the casemates, the Nazis captured those survivors, hiding there. Men were separated from women and were sent to the POW camp, located in the town of Biała Podlaska.

Nikolay Bogateyev (1895–1941).In the second half of June 24, the Wehrmacht 2nd Battalion, 133rd Infantry Regiment captured the Volhyn Fortification.

Some of the defenders of the island managed to break through into the Citadel and continued the defence.





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