The Eternal Flame

The Eternal FlameClose to the ruins of the Engineering Administration the Eternal Flame is burning. Its torch is in a small square with a relief in the shape of a five-pointed star. It is in the centre of the floor, paved with red granite plates. The inscription, cast in bronze letters, reads: «They fought to the death. Glory to the heroes».

The Guard of Honour, students of Brest high schools, has been standing here daily since 1972. The changing of the guard takes place every twenty minutes.

In 2001, this place underwent restoration, the black granite cladding was renewed.The Eternal Flame

The memorial to all the Soviet hero-cities is seen in the background of the Eternal flame. It was opened on 9 May, 1985. Under each of the granite slabs with the image of the «Golden Star» medal, there is a capsule with soil, brought from a hero-city. The capsules were delivered to the memorial by the delegations of the hero-cities.

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