The Main Entrance

The Main Entrance.The Main Entrance with a concrete rectangular block, featuring a five-pointed star, welcomes visitors to the memorial complex «Brest Hero-Fortress». A powerful blast seems to have torn this concrete monolith apart, making an opening in the shape of the star. The block is 44m long, 10m high, 35m wide. 700 cubic metres of concrete were consumed for its construction. The block rests on the old rampart of the fortress, spanning a passage below that is 18.5m wide. Red brick casemates in the shape of vaulted chambers can be seen underneath the ramparts. The passage walls are coated with polished dark granite which contrasts with red brickwork of the old casemates, creating a visual and emotional effect.

The Main Entrance.The elements of the star above are formed of concrete in situ. The raw béton brut surface of the monolith took on texture of timber formwork, adding some dramatic tension to the structure. This effect is enhanced by the played back radio program that starts with the tuning signal of the USSR national radio broadcaster, that was a musical phrase of the well-known song in the USSR, composed by Isaak Dunayevsky. Next the famous radio speaker Yuri Levitan is reading out the breaking news about the treacherous attack on the USSR by the armed forces of the Nazi Germany. The song «Arise, Great Country!», composed by the famous Soviet composer Alexander Aleksandrov and performed by the ensemble named after him, finishes the program. It is interrupted by the noise of bombardment and shooting.

The Main Entrance artistically lit in the evening.There is a plaque on the brick wall of the casemate. It quotes the text of the Decree of Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet in the Russian and Byelorussian languages about awarding to the Brest fortress the honorary «Hero-Fortress».

The star-shaped passage of the entrance opens a view on the central part of the fortress.

The Main Entrance underwent major repairs and restoration in 2004-2005.

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