The Main Monument

The Main Monument. Photo, 2006.The Main Monument is the sculptural image of a Soviet combatant in front of a banner. This is a large-scale sculpture, consisting of 200 parts (54 m wide and over 30 m high). It is a cast concrete shell, hollow inside, resting on a steel framework, consisting of bars, placed 6 by 6 m. The thin shell of the monument was cast, using special plaster workforms.

The full size plywood 2D model of the Main Monument. Photo, 1970.In a workshop of the Brest Plant for Reinforced Concrete Structures, the model of the monument was copied in square segments according to a grid 40 by 40 cm. To manufacture the plaster workforms of the required size 280 by 280 cm, the segments were enlarged 7 times.

Mounting of the steel framework for the Main Monument. Photo, 1970.Wooden shutterings were built to form the inner surface of the shell. Steel reinforcement was attached to the frame at 20-30 cm intervals. The concrete was cast into the space between the plaster workforms and the wooden shutterings. This method guaranteed the quality of the monolithic casing, its uniform thickness and weight.

Surface cleaning after the removal of plaster form-works from the Main Monument. Photo, 1971.Thicker parts up to one meter were formed only in some places with single and projecting points. Almost 4000 m³ of concrete was consumed for casting the Main Monument.

High reliefs situated on the backside of the monument depict the most significant episodes and events of the heroic defence.

The major repairs, conservation and painting of the outer surface of the monument were performed in 2004-2005.

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