Major repair and restoration works

The repairing of the cladding of the Bayonet-Obelisk. A photo of 2009.Today memorial's priority is not only education of the young generation in patriotic spirit and preservation of memory about defenders of the Brest Fortress, but also maintenance of the memorial venues, commemorating defenders' endurance and courage, further development of the memorial complex «Brest Hero-Fortress» as a historical, cultural and tourist centre.

To restore the venues of the memorial complex in accordance with the Intergovernmental programme for commemoration of the citizens, who died while defending the Fatherland, and of the victims of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), the plan of major repairs and restorations was drawn up. It was ratified by the Decision of the Council of the Heads of CIS States on October 21, 1994 and was adopted by the Decision of the CIS Council of Heads of Governments on April 12, 1996.

On June 22, 1996, the High Council of the Community of Belarus and Russia approved funds of USD 300 thousand from each state for these purposes.

On March 27, 1997, the Council of CIS Heads of Governments adopted Decision «About the assessable contributions of CIS members to financing of major repairs and restorations of the memorial complex «The Brest Hero-Fortress».

The Main Monument before restoration. A photo of 2005.Taking into account the necessity of completion of the work begun earlier to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Soviet people's Victory in the Great Patriotic War, on September 15, 2004 the Council of CIS Heads of Governments made up a decision about continuation of co-financing of major repairs and restoration of the memorial complex «The Brest Hero-Fortress» totalling 1 million US$.

In the search to raise more funds for major repairs, on May 7, 2005, in Belarus, a charitable TV program «Telethon» was held, at which citizens donated over 150 million Belarusian roubles.

Since then much was done to carry out major repairs, restoration and landscaping on the site of the memorial complex. By January 1, 2013, more than 18 milliard roubles were spent.


  1. The pavement of all foot-paths, roads and passages within the complex site, Ceremonial Square were repaired.
  2. Three gas boiler-rooms were built, the restoration of heat supply of the south-eastern and southern barracks and the museum was implemented.
  3. The restoration of the sculptural composition «Thirst», the Main Entrance, the Main Monument.
  4. Major repairs and preservation of the ruins of Kholm, Terespol and North Gates.
  5. The inscriptions on the memorial gravestones were renewed.
  6. The moat around the fortress was cleaned.
  7. The damping devices of Bayonet-Obelisk was replaced. Fasteners on the cladding of Bayonet-Obelisk were replaced.
  8. Major repairs of the Brest Fortress Defence Museum.
  9. Major repairs of artistic and ornamental illumination.
  10. Repair and re-design of 10 Museum halls.
  11. In the Defence Museum the exhibition was created titled «Cold weapons and small arms of the XVIII-XX centuries». The premises of Kholm Gatehouse are prepared to house an exposition.
  12. Preservation of the ruins of the White Palace, Engineering Administration, the 9th frontier post.
  13. Inspection of the bridges across the Mukhavets River and the moats.
  14. Major repairs of the sound system.
  15. The 5th Fort was put into operation as a branch of the memorial.
  16. Preservation of the ruins of the 9th frontier post.


  1. Preservation of the facades and repair of the southern, south-western and south-eastern barracks.
  2. Major repairs and preservation of the ruins of the 333d rifle regiment.
  3. Major repairs of the south-eastern barracks.


  1. Further adaptation of the 5th Fort for tourist excursions.
  2. Installation of heat supply in North Gatehouse.
  3. Major repairs of the bridges near the Defence Museum and North Gate.


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