The sculptural composition «To the Heroes of the Border, Women and Children, who Stepped into Immortality with Courage»

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On June 22, 2011, the sculptural composition «To the Heroes of the Border, Women and Children, who Stepped into Immortality with Courage» was solemnly unveiled.

It was the idea of the leadership of the State Border Committee of the Republic to dedicate this project to the seventieth anniversary of the heroic deeds, committed by border-guards, their wives and children.

A place near Terespol Gate was chosen as a site for the sculpture. At this place border-guards were fighting to the dead under command of Lieutenant Andrei Kizhevatov, the head of the 9th border post.

The author of the sculptural composition is a sculptor and architect, the Lenin Prize winner Valentin Zankovich. He was a member of the creative team, that designed the Memorial complex «The Brest Hero-Fortress».

The cost of the sculptural composition is over 800 million roubles. Soldiers and veterans of the border-guard service, as well as various organizations in the country, raised more than 450 million roubles.

Representatives of border-guards in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine also took part in this project. Thanks to them, over 200 million roubles were raised to commemorate the feat.

phoca thumb l foto-2The sculptural composition represents an image of three soldiers, carrying out an attack, the officer's wife with children, a wounded border-guard, whom a woman gives water to drink. In the centre there is a frontier pole with the USSR emblem and a memorial plaque on it. The main concept of the composition: a determined fight for the Fatherland as a symbol of national unity.

The monument was built of red and black granite and bronze.

The project was made of metal by specialists of the foundry of the Belarusian Artists’ Union in the village of Sosny.

The granite elements were produced by the firm «Eurostone», which is located in Ivanivo district of Brest region. The elements were installed and fitted together with the specialists of company «Digma» in Kobrin.

The site is paved with flagstones.

Old hexagonal pavement blocks dating to the 1930s, nicknamed «trylinka» after the Polish engineer Władysław Tryliński who introduced this technology, were moved from the old road near the West Fort of the Kobrin Fortification, to replace the old cobble stones on the road, leading to Terespol gate. (The project was designed by «Arming» firm, run by M.Gaidukovich; the chief architect of the project is Aleksei Andreyuk).

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