Ceremonial Square. Memorial Plates

The Memorial Plates. Photo, 2008.The Ceremonial Square is located in the centre of the Citadel, surrounded by preserved ruins, the White Palace, the Engineering Administration, the defensive military barracks. The Ceremonial Square can hold up to 25-30 thousand people.

The square was initially paved with 1,600 square reinforced concrete slabs which were laid in groups of four. There were red clinker inlays between the plates.

The Guard of Honour by the Memorial Plates. Photo, 2005.In 2001, the square underwent a reconstruction. The grey concrete pavement totalling 12,000 m² was replaced by multicolour paving flagstones. The concrete embankment around the square was clad in granite. The concrete steps here were replaced by granite slabs.

The three rows of plates of the memorial burial ground face the square. On September 18, 1971, the remains of 823 Soviet servicemen, that had been unearthed at different times, were re-buried in the grounds. The 201 originally identified names were put on the memorial plates.

The reburial of the remains of the 58 defenders under the Memorial Plates. November 9, 2011.Today the remains of 1038 people lie buried in the burial ground. The names of 276 Red Army officers, soldiers and members of their families are remembered on the plates. The other names have not been identified yet. In 1999-2000, the department for perpetuation of the Fatherland's defenders and victims of the war of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus along with Moscow's government donated funds to renew the names on the plates.

The mournful tune «Dreams» («Träumerei») composed by R. Schumann is heard around.

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