The sculptural composition «Thirst»

The sculptural composition «Thirst». Photo, 2013.In the Citadel, on the left bank of the northern arm of the river Mukhavets the sculptural composition «Thirst» is seen.

It is devoted to a dramatic page of the defence in the citadel, caused by shortage of water. The water supply system was destroyed by enemy's gunfire on the first day of the war. To make things worse, the summer that year was unusually hot. Columns of smoke and ashes filled the horizon around. Water was badly needed for all who defended the fortress, especially for wounded men, women and children. Water was also necessary to cool machine guns.

The sculptural composition «Thirst». Photo, 2006.The exhausted face, parched lips of the fighter, depicted in the sculpture, remind of the extreme sufferings that befell the defenders. It seemed, they could go down to the river and take some water, but the enemy permanently kept the approaches to the water under the gunfire, at night searchlights illuminated the river banks. A lot of fighters sacrificed their lives, trying to get some precious drops of water from the river. After the war on the river banks were found punched helmets, flasks, mugs and remains of soldiers. Knowing about this tragedy, the founders of the memorial decided to commemorate those who fell in the fight for water by means of art of sculpture. The figure of the soldier crawling to the river with a helmet in his hand does not leave anybody indifferent.

Today in the helmet stretched forward to scoop up some water there are flowers from visitors to the fortress.

  • The length of the sculptural composition is 13 m.
  • It is made of decorative ferro-concrete, weighing 720 tonnes.

The general maintenance and restoration works were carried out in 2001, 2003-2004.

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