The 5th Fort Museum

The 5th Fort was one of the fortifications on the first line of forts around the Brest-Litovsk Fortress. It was built in 1878-1888, modernized in 1908-1911. It is situated at a distance of four kilometres from the Brest Fortress. It has an area of 790 square metres.

The esplanade pillar in front of the Fort. A photo of 2004.The Fort is a five-cornered structure in plan. It was built of brick, enclosed by an earthwork and a ditch filled with water. Behind the Fort, there were barracks with eleven casemates, to accommodate the garrison. In the front of the Fort, there was a caponier, a fortification which enabled gunfire in two opposite directions. It was connected with the barracks by an underground passage, which also interconnected other parts of the Fort.

Since 1908, the Fort was modernized under the direction of the staff-captain Ivan Belinsky. The brick constructions were covered with concrete about two meters thick, side underground passages were built, connecting the barracks with the half-caponiers aside.

The 5th Fort in the period of World War I [1915 – 1916].In 1911-1914, the back caponier was built, positions for the sharpshooters were partially shielded by concrete walls.

In June, 1915, the 6th company of the Brest-Lithuania fortress artillery was located in the 5th Fort.

In June, 1941, the 3d rifle battalion of 44th rifle regiment was stationed in the Fort. When the Great Patriotic War broke out, a group of soldiers tried to break through from the Fort to the Brest Fortress, but had to retreat and was fighting their way to the east.

During the Nazi occupation, there were warehouses in the Fort. In July, 1944, it was retaken by the soldiers of the 1295th rifle regiment of the 160th rifle division of the 70th army.

For some years after the war, there were army warehouses in the Fort. After the military unit left the Fort, it was not in use for several decades.

The opening ceremony of the memorial complex branch, the museum of the 5th Fort. May 8, 2000.In 1995, the 5th Fort got the status of historical and cultural heritage. Since 1997, great restoration works have been done. In 1999, the Fort was handed over to the Memorial Complex «The Brest Hero-Fortress». On May 8,2000, it welcomed first visitors. Presently, the museum «History of the Fortification and Armament» is being created in the Fort. Visitors can see the out-of-doors display of heavy guns and indoors exhibition titled «Western Outpost of Fatherland» that is devoted to the history of the Brest Fortress and this Fort.

On the territory of the Fort various educational activities are held.

The 5th Fort Museum is open for visitors every day from 9 am till 6 pm.

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